The period we live in opens wonderful opportunities and constant challenges. We prepare our students to be open to modern challenges and implement their dreams in chosen professional activities. The College experience, attention to quality of studies, a variety of programmes and a dynamic response to changes in the market is a significant basis for creating and spreading unique good experience of teaching and learning. Our students, teachers, administrative staff and various partners’ active engagement in the learning process, enthusiasm-based dialogue, team work and creative communication and collaboration guarantees our common success.





Research is one of the College key activities directed towards the analysis of ever growing labour market and business needs and expectations. The research is focused on the analysis of new learning methods and competences, their effective application; it also comprises the analysis of business environment, consumer needs, comparative analysis of business development alternatives and other relevant fields of research.

Student Association

Vilnius Business College Students’ Representation is a non-profit organization representing student’s opinion, caring about students’ extracurricular activities, aiming at better quality of studies, immediate communication with the College community. The organization helps to create an environment where everyone feels free and unrestricted.