Project-based teaching

Vilnius Business College has integrated into the study process the method of project-based learning, based on the good practice of higher education institutions of Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands. The concept of project-based learning focuses on student-oriented methodology that expands opportunities for the parties concerned to engage into the study process by implementing the unity of „studies, business and science“, which in the long run determines parties‘ economic power, level of innovations, R&D activities of business entities. The method of project-based teaching fosters closer communication and collaboration among students, teachers, administrative staff and representatives of business entities, which essentially changes the roles of students and teachers in the learning process.

The aim of project-based learning is to teach students of VVK to creatively acquire academic knowledge and apply it in practice when solving real-life problems, understand one‘s personal and team responsibility when creating a result; nurture such skills as leadership, entrepreneurship, team work, planning, etc. During project-based teaching students solve real-life situations, develop them in a team and present the decisions made to the board, which encourages students to actively engage into creative activities and foster social as well as professional abilities.

Project-based assignments are implemented not only by students of business field, but also those of information technology. Today our greatest achievement is applying project-based teaching in interdisciplinary teams when real-life situations are solved by students‘ teams of programmes of different fields.

Some examples of successful projects:

  • VVK Tourism and Events female students‘ project Smart Vilnius participated in Youth Week event Idea+ and won the second place.
  • Under the commission of Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants students presented project suggestions regarding adaptation of Lithuanian hotels for the needs of the disabled and the catalogue of Lithuanian hotel standards.
  • Students of Business Management and Marketing helped increase the number of visitors for UAB Peisas e-shop and solve the problem of attracting clients in the Japanese restaurant „Labuki“.
  • The project by student teams of Business Management and Marketing and Programming and Internet Technologies called ”Cycling without obstacles“ solves a social problem of safe cycling traffic. The majority of participants of this kind of traffic admit that the city of Vilnius is not adapted to safe traffic and on cycling paths there are many stretches dangerous to cyclists‘ life and health, which have to be fixed. The press regularly publishes articles about cyclists severely injured or killed on the road. This prompted VVK students to create a tool by help of which cyclists can easily and quickly inform the responsible institutions about a dangerous obstacle on a cycling path.