The main topics of the workshop were divided into three parts: self-esteem and its importance in everyday life, communication with others and the state of flow. The workshop mentor, Vilnius Business College team member Dovilė Vilkevičiūtė, involved students in activities which were based on experiential learning, where one of the most important elements was the reflection of the participants and the evaluation of acquired experience by sharing ideas in a group.

As the workshop were conducted in English, they were attended not only by students from Lithuania, but also from Bulgaria, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan. After the workshop, the participants admitted that this type of workshops is very much needed by students to stimulate thinking, creation, communication with others, as well as to build self-confidence and self-awareness.

The students’ thoughts on creative workshops:

I think that this workshop is totally a success because it actually helps your brain start functioning at another level. Everybody has different kinds of stressful or depressive moments at some point in their life. Therefore, this workshop helps people forget about the routine problems and let them live the moment at the workshop. The workshop amused me and made me very happy. I also found some new friends at this workshop.

Please, continue this workshop. I recommend giving this chance to everyone!

Zain Tariq, Vilnius Business College freshman of Game Design study programme.

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To tell the truth, it was the first time I attended such kind of event. Therefore, I was a little bit nervous. And it absolutely exceeded my expectations. First of all, the atmosphere was so warm and cosy. I was feeling relaxed. Dovile’s work was amazing. We didn’t feel any barrier between the tutor and us. What is more, the topics we discussed were important and necessary for all students. Finally, the thing that I liked the most was that I had an opportunity to dig deep inside myself. Just to ask myself who I am and why I am here. Just get to know myself again.

All in all, I really hope that we would have more events like this workshop in our College. Thank you!

Nadežda Jarmolo, Vilnius Business College sophomore of English and International Communication study programme