For Applicants


6 reasons to choose VVK:

  • HIGH employment rate according to speciality. Most attention is paid to speciality-related subjects.
  • FUTURE learning programmes present today. We teach only what is relevant to students and employers.
  • INNOVATIONS are created in cooperation with business. Project-based teaching is focused on real-life business needs and situations.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP is fostered right from the beginning. The priority goes to applying practical knowledge and skills in business.
  • INTERNATIONALITY. The College is trusted by students from 20 foreign countries; exchange programmes are available to everyone.
  • RECOGNITION. According to the rating of education institutions published in 2018 by the magazine „Reitingai“, among private colleges employers gave most praise to Vilnius Business College. The survey was carried out by “Prime Consulting”.


We invite and expect students not only with a certain level of knowledge, but also those who have gained certain experience in their activities. If you have volunteered, participated in various projects, tried to establish your own business or accumulated your experience in other ways, tell us about it in your motivation statement. While creating an inspiring, possibilities revealing learning environment, we also expect your active participation and involvement in the College community, its strengthening and development.

Erasmus+ possibilities

Erasmus+ programme provides students with opportunities to study in foreign higher education institutions, get acquainted with other cultures, acquire exceptional experience. Programme participants enhance their professional skills, get acquainted with a certain country‘s economic, social and cultural environment. The programme also encourages students‘ independence, mobility and opens new opportunities for those seeking international career.


Vilnius Business College gives an opportunity to study free of charge upon receiving study scholarship. VVK study scholarship covers 100 % tuition fee. Therefore upon receiving study scholarship, the College student does not have to cover the difference between the set and standard tuition fee.


It is said there are no silly questions. That’s true. By fostering open, authentic and motivating communication culture, VVK will reply to all questions that matter to you. Ask anything you are interested in, don’t leave question marks and suspension points.