Motivation Assessment

Motivation assessment consists of two steps:

  • submission of a motivation statement;
  • an interview.

The motivation statement is minimum 1 page. It is submitted in person to the Admission Office of Vilnius Business College or attached to the Online Application Form.

The motivation statement has to contain but not limited to information why the applicant has chosen Vilnius Business College and its particular programme, the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses to act in a chosen professional area and participate in social life (experience or future prospects), the applicant’s activities at school or other communities, etc.

After submission of the documents the applicant has the interview. The interview is conducted in person (if the applicant submits documents in person at the College) or via Skype (if the applicant applies online).

At the interview the applicant is asked questions from the following topics:

  1. The choice of higher school for studies;
  2. The area of future professional activity (or experience in this area);
  3. Studying experience;
  4. Coping with difficulties in studying;
  5. Experience in social life (volunteering, organising events, etc.);
  6. Experience in cooperation;
  7. Prospects of future career.