For Students

Innovative and contemporary study methods are exceptionally directed towards fostering practical skills, market needs and expectations. Project-based teaching joins theory and practice, very close collaboration with business takes place, creating real-life business situations, solving specific problems and challenges. Such format of learning ensures versatile preparation of students to implement competences gained in a business enterprise or establishing one’s own business as well as in implementing diverse projects in private and public sectors.

Study organization


Vilnius Business College runs market needs-oriented studies, educates qualified and enterprising specialists of certain fields, provides higher college level education and grants professional Bachelor BA degree.


This section contains timetables of lectures of full-time and part-time studies, also final theses / projects and examinations.

Study calendar

Erasmus+ exchange


Students have favourable conditions to study and carry out practical training in foreign higher education institutions, business enterprises or organizations under ERASMUS+ programme. The aim of this programme is to give students an opportunity to acquire even more academic and practical knowledge as well as to improve the skills of foreign languages.

Academic support

We provide our College students with academic support by our teachers and administrative staff. Academic support helps students to purposefully and consistently achieve study outcomes. Upon receiving academic support students feel fully-fledged participants of the study process, they are responsible and strict about the knowledge and skills gained; also they foster in themselves attitudes of lifelong learning.


One of the main ways to develop students’ practical skills is working practice / internship during studies.
Vilnius Business College social partners accept the best College students for working practice / internship in their companies; they also participate in meetings with students, give practical lectures and trainings of various fields.

Continuation of studies

Vilnius Business College graduates, upon receiving BA degree, can continue studies in Lithuanian or foreign higher education institutions, in MA studies of the same area. Wishing to study in Lithuanian universities, the College graduates usually have to complete additional studies organized by the chosen university, comprising university BA studies’ subjects that the College graduates didn’t study.