Academic Support

Students studying in the College receive academic support from the administration and teachers. Academic support helps a student to purposefully and consistently attain study outcomes. Upon receiving academic support students feel competent participants in the study process, they are responsible and feel particular about the knowledge and skills gained; they also cultivate in themselves attitudes of life-long learning.

College teachers provide students with academic support during the hours of consultations, via email or virtual learning environment. In the College we have envisaged and apply the following strategies of consulting students:

– mandatory consultations with the contact hours fixed in subject descriptors; their time is announced publicly;

– in case of need teachers consult students after lectures or on time set in advance, individually or in groups, via email or virtual learning environment.

The department of studies consults and helps teachers and students to organize a consistent study process. We coordinate and execute monitoring of project-based work, final theses, the choice of practical training. We provide primary information for candidates regarding the possibility to evaluate their attainments gained in a non-academic learning environment in the College.