During studies of the first study cycle a special attention is given to fostering practical skills and abilities. Namely practical skills may determine a graduate‘s career. Studies in Vilnius Business College are implemented by giving a lot of attention to students‘ practical growth. One of the key methods to cultivate students‘ practical skills is practical training carried out during studies. It is a convenient way to apply the knowledge gained during studies, to show one‘s skills and abilities to the employer, and to establish oneself in the job market after studies.

VVK students find placements for practical training mainly in three ways:

  • By making use of the existing VVK students‘ practice base, practical training proposals offered by VVK.
  • By making use of help of VVK social partners.
  • Searching for the desired placement of practical training independently.

Vilnius Business College social partners accept best students of the College for working practice in their companies, they also participate in meetings with students, provide practical lectures and trainings of various fields. More on meetings with representatives of social partners can be learned by following the College news.

The main Vilnius Business College social partners helpful to students‘ career are the following ones:

  • Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants
  • Job trust
  • Vilnius Convention Bureau
  • Eventum Group
  • UAB „EKT“
  • Lithuanian Marketing Association
  • Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics LINEKA
  • DHL Lietuva
  • Lithuanian Game Designers Association
  • Užupis Creative Cluster
  • Association „Infobalt“
  • Metasite Solutions
  • UAB „Blue Bridge“
  • Barclays Technology Centre
  • Baltijos vertimai