Erasmus+ Exchange

Students have favourable conditions to study and carry out practical training in foreign higher education institutions, business enterprises or organizations under ERASMUS+ programme. The aim of this programme is to give students an opportunity to acquire even more academic and practical knowledge as well as to improve the skills of foreign languages.

ERASMUS+ can be named one of the most justified initiatives of the European Commission intended for improvement of educational systems of the old continent, fostering youths‘ leadership and decreasing social inequality.

Through encouraging participation in ERASMUS+ mobility programme we aim at acquainting students with the subjects of other European universities and provide opportunities to know the cultures of other countries. Studies and practical training abroad will give a lot of real-life and academic experience, will teach self-study and foster self-confidence. Scholarships are provided for studies and practical training abroad for the duration of one or two semesters. Students can study in English, Russian and Spanish.

Vilnius Business College was granted Erasmus+ charter of higher education (ECHE), which confirms that Erasmus+ programme aims are an integral part of the institution‘s modernisation and strategy of internationalisation, and the institution is committed to comply with all requirements of  Erasmus+ programme implementation as well as principles of European Cooperation.

Erasmus+ charter