What are the provided benefits

The College provides an opportunity to get support from State Studies Foundation (

1. State funded loans
2. Social grants
3. Scholarships
4. State support for children or grandchildren of expatriates
5. Reimbursement of study cost
6. Project (Target benefits)
7. Compensation of military service

Disabled students in addition to Social grant get financial support provided by The Department for the Affairs of the Disabled under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

The College administrates receiving of financial support. Information for students who can get financial support can be found on College‘s website and bulletin board.

For what students do not pay

• Subject summaries that are available online;
• Possibility to use IT, Internet connection and other office equipment;
• College students of all courses are able to use library resources;
• Internet connection (also during non-lecture time)
• College students have access to the libraries of Lithuanian universities (signed agreements).

The benefits of being a working student

• Under the tripartite agreement signed between the student, college and company where he/she works, the company can pay for the studies.
• Working students are provided to combine studies and work when attending an evening school or part-time studies.
• On the other hand, there is a relatively high number of contact hours durning Saturday lectures.
• Working students can offer a topic for the final thesis themselves, linking it to their workplace.

The College supports events organized by the students.

When providing support for students, the College tries to take into account an individual situation of each student.

The college maintains a regular contact with students‘ parents and social partners.