On 4 October 2019, guests from Georgia, students of The Lithuanian Language and Culture Centre in Georgia and the head of the Centre Professor Vidas Kavaliauskas, visited Vilnius Business College.

During the visit, the students got to know the college community and attended two lectures: “Communication without Borders: Different Ways to Know Others” delivered by the lecturer Dr. Tomas Butvillas; “Team Dynamics, Generation of Ideas. Coaching Session” delivered by the team coach Aušra Gaivenienė.

After a busy session and friendly conversations, the Vilnius Business College team together with the Georgian students visited the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Amber Gallery, and took part in excursions where the students were introduced to Lithuanian culture, heritage and history from unusual perspective.

Intercultural communication, solidarity and learning are one of the core values of Vilnius Business College. Thus, the College cherishes them by building a warm relationship, in this case, between Georgia and Lithuania.