About Internationality

Internationality is one of the key strategic goals of Vilnius Business College. The College collaborates with more than 52 foreign higher education and other institutions and thus provides wide opportunities for students, teachers and administrative staff to participate in international exchange programmes, conferences, projects and other events. The College also actively participates in international scientific and research activities. International collaboration fosters exchange of good experience, creative initiatives, it helps to cherish openness and respect for achievements and cultural differences of others. The Department of International Relations and Communication constantly expands the network of foreign partners which significantly contributes to enhancement of the College name and dissemination in the global market of education services. Sales in international market and the fact that international students choose us as their Alma Mater is a confirmation that we are on the right track and our experience, competences and efforts are acknowledged worldwide.

We are aware that international exchange of students, teachers and staff, participation in different projects and programmes foster exchange of new good experience, creative initiatives, it helps to cherish openness and respect for achievements and cultural differences of others. Therefore through focusing on European study level and innovations we develop relations with partners, participate in international project-based and applied scientific activities.

College‘s attitude to further develop and enhance relations with international strategic partners is a significant source of disseminating advanced experience. Our College‘s team of international relations have developed a network of foreign partners which spreads College name in international market of education services. In order to implement mobility of students and staff for international exchange, collaboration agreements with 22 foreign higher education institutions have been signed. This creates favourable conditions for students to go to foreign higher education institutions to carry out practical training or study, also for teachers and staff‘s internships in partner institutions. Lecturers from abroad regularly come to the College to give lectures to students or conduct or participate in joint trainings for College staff.

College internationality results in:

  • International students‘ exchange for studies and practical training
  • International study programmes
  • International projects
  • International conference organized by the College
  • International teachers‘ exchange and dissemination of good experience