Since 2004 Vilnius Business College has been an active participant in project-based activities in international as well as national programmes and initiatives. College department of project-based activities initiates new projects, successfully coordinates them and also participates as a partner. Project results are successfully integrated into study programmes, foster study quality improvement, international collaboration among education institutions, creation and implementation of novelties.

Currently Vilnius Business College participates in the following international projects:

Projects implemented:

  • PROVYP (Professional Orientation of Vulnerable Young People) / 2015-2017 /
  • IDEATE (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies) / 2013-2016 /
  • LLO (Opportunities for language learning in order to minimize unemployment risk) / 2012-2014 /
  • ADUQUA (Ensuring quality of adult migrants‘ integration training) / 2011-2014 /
  • RELESE (Reintegration into job market through enhancing entrepreneurship skills) / 2010-2012 /
  • Learning in the digital age: teaching adult teachers through implementing blended learning modules / 2010-2011
  • In Charge of My World (Blended module of learning English (A2/B1) for adults) / 2009-2010
  • 4 E-trainer (a website for an E-teacher – valorization of best e-learning examples among European teachers and professors) / 2009-2011 / 2006-2008
  • ICT4T (ICT4T – ICT preparation for teachers working with elder people) / 2006-2008
  • EIT* (E-learning module – teaching English to IT specialists) / 2006-2008 /

(*in 2009 quality award was granted)