Iron Vytas at Vilnius Business College


In the evenings, Christmas lights are shining from the windows at full capacity, and we, Vilnius Business College, are visited by wonderful, interesting, unique People.

A Lithuanian rapper, bodybuilder, nutritionist Guru, and sportswear brand manager Iron Vytas (according to the passport of the Republic of Lithuania – Vytautas Medineckas) visited the College on one of Mondays before Christmas.

The two-hour meeting with the third year students was rich in discussions about business models, synergies, monetization and risk management. Of course, it was especially interesting to listen to the successful and unsuccessful realization of Iron Vytas’ ideas.

Not only did Iron Vytas share the communication tools used in practice, he also gave the students an opportunity to peek at the price list for influencers – the menu.

Conclusion: Time to talk and time to act. Once in action, don’t stop, move on. Gather a great team and achieve your goals.

We wish this to our students too!

Igor Vasiliauskas

Marketing and Communication Lecturer