KAOSPILOT masterclass at Vilnius Business College


We share our joy and experience!


On 23-25 October 2019, Vilnius Business College hosted a 3-day KAOSPILOT masterclass focusing on alternative leadership.

After studying Arturas Žukauskas ® photo, you will soon realize that the training went with flying colours. The participants from Lithuanian higher education institutions focused on the learning and creative process, improvised, played and sought out ways to make the learning and teaching process more interesting and attractive to modern people. We will take the acquired experience into our environment, which is valuable for creating and learning in a different way.

The masterclasses were aimed at educational staff, university and college teachers, and non-formal education professionals. The training was provided by the KAOSPILOT associated trainer at masterclass in education design Alexandra Hasdorff. During the training, the participants tested experiential learning approaches that foster creativity, engagement, innovation and risk in learning spaces and education.

Vilnius Business College is proud of its partnership with the alternative leadership and business school KAOSPILOT, based in Denmark, because it delivers outstanding results not only to the College, but also to other higher education institutions in Lithuania.