The interview with a student from Georgia – Gurami Khutsurauli

Why did you choose Vilnius Business College for your Erasmus+ studies?

  • Firstly, when I was choosing college or university to go to under the Erasmus+ programme, I visited plenty of websites, and I should say that VVK was offering many beneficial things to me, that is why I chose this college. Secondly, Georgia and Lithuania are very good friends, I wanted to meaningfully experience this friendship outside the boarders of my own country.


What professional skills did you gain during studies in VVK?

  • Well, the College has very interesting educational system. They aren‘t only focused on theoretical materials, they also teach you via practice. That was very beneficial for me personally.


How can you describe your overall experience at VVK?

  • At the end of my Erasmus+ studies, I would like to say a sincere thank you to all the people that helped me and invited me to study at VVK. It is important to mention that the staff at the College are very friendly and helpful, the professors are professional and attentive.


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