“Reitingai” magazine: Vilnius Business College continuous sustainable leadership


“Reitingai” magazine has published its annual ratings of Lithuanian universities and colleges. The results show that Vilnius Business College continues to hold 1st place among non-state colleges when it comes to employer satisfaction and added value created by the alumni. According to the overall 2019 results, VBC takes a respectable 2nd place across non-state colleges.

Creators of the magazine point out that concerns regarding employment are growing, therefore ratings from labor market were given more weight than before, and in this area VBC has strongly remained No. 1 for several years in a row. “Such result has been achieved because the study programmes are designed to prepare specialists that are in demand by the Lithuanian labor market. Also, close partnerships with businesses, student meetings with employers are set up on a regular basis. We support students’ creative initiatives, foster their social responsibility by implementing project training which realizes tasks from the clients” – says VBC director Jolanta Skirgailė.

Same as last year, the results of college fields of study rating, published in December by 2018 “Reitingai” magazine, are also included: VBC is in 2nd place after Vilnius Design College. According to the “competition within international studies” criteria, VBC holds a 2nd position among private colleges. Skirgailė says that internationality is one of the most important goals in College strategy: “Currently we have partnerships with more than 60 higher education and other institutions, also students from over 20 different countries study here. We are continuously expanding our network of foreign partners which adds greatly to the growth and distribution of VBC name in the global market of education services.”