Vilnius Business College students’ participation in the EuroYouth project in Germany


Vilnius Business College students participated in the EuroYouth project in Germany.

The project brought together young people from Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Lithuania.

During the sessions, participants focused on three main topics: The European Parliament Elections, 2004 EU Enlargement and The Berlin Wall – The Fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the main goals of the project is to create three films representing these themes.

The participants of the project visited the cities of Berlin, Erfurt and Weimar. The participants had a chance not only to deepen knowledge of the EU history but also to better understood Germany and expand acquaintances abroad, to communicate, to play and to create.

The main organizer of the project is “BIDA E. V. Kultur and Bildung”, Germany. Other partners are European Information Center, Bulgaria, “Altius Francis de Vitoria Foundation”, Spain and Vilnius Business College, Lithuania.

We encourage Vilnius Business College students to take interest in the Erasmus + programme and use opportunities it offers such as studies and internships, short-term travel projects online. It is all open to every student!