New Graduates Have Been Awarded Graduation Diplomas!

The graduation ceremony of Vilnius Business College has already taken place! It was full of excitement of the graduates, pride of the loved ones, joy of the College community and symbolizing the goal achieved by everyone to receive life-changing knowledge.

On July 1 a solemn celebration of awarding diplomas of Vilnius Business College took place in Sapiegos Park under the summer sky. Full-time and part-time graduates who studied in Lithuanian, Russian and English received professional bachelor’s diplomas. They were greeted with flowers, applause and shouts by a large group of relatives, friends and the College community.

“I can’t tell you how I feel right now! I still seem to dream that the alarm will go off tomorrow, I will wake up and think: today’s the defense, I need to get up. I feel amazing, just a little sad to leave such a community. I have always appreciated the College very much and after the studies I appreciate it even more because the teachers here always supported me, they were the pillars to lean on. Therefore, those who have not decided where to enter, go to Vilnius Business College. Here you’ll find a family”, while holding a diploma, Kornelija Palevičiūtė, who graduated in English and International Communication, did not hide her emotions. She received her diploma with a letter of thanks for her active work in the College Students Representation, the president of which she was for three years.

Another student who named our College community a family is an English and International Communication graduate Marcelė Sirgedienė, who gave a speech of thanks on behalf of all the students during the celebration. “Thanks to the whole College for the communion. For the feeling that when you come to lectures, you come not to the institution, but to a family where you are always greeted with a smile, hugged like a real family member. I very much hope that the door to this cozy community will remain open and there will be opportunities to meet, connect, share ideas and new experiences,’ said M. Sirgedienė, a multiple winner of the translation competition organized by the College’s Department of Foreign Languages.

The graduates of Vilnius Business College have been invited to join the growing College alumni community by the director dr. Gitana Neverienė. “Throughout the learning period, there was a constant exchange between us: we gave to you and no less you gave to us. Yes, today is the last day, but it is only a symbolic last day. Become a part of the alumni community of Vilnius Business College and continue this beautiful exchange tradition”.

Ruslan Rusakevich, who was encouraged to study by his wife and a desire to set an example for his children, graduated with honors from the Logistics Business. Ruslan, who has more than one year of experience in the logistics business, says that studies help him move up the career ladder. While still studying, he shared the knowledge gained during the lectures with his employer, and from the autumn he wants to change his job position to a higher one: “Everyone in the College was very helpful during studies, especially the head of the department, dr. Jūratė Butvilė. After studying, my plans are to change my job position in the autumn, because I finally want to start working in an office.”

The importance of education, its pursuit and particularly continuous learning was emphasized by Marius Jakulis Jason, a well-known businessman, investor, philanthropist, founder of the MJJ Foundation, who has invested in Vilnius Business College. He stressed the importance of communication skills in business and urged not to stop learning.

“Education is the foundation of your future. This is the recipe for success on my professional path. And learning doesn’t end with a diploma. We keep learning all our lives from friends, family, colleagues at work, but learning in an educational institution can help discover new ideas, people, broaden our horizons. Then life is much more exciting. So I invite you to continue studying and not quit. Because in life it is not enough to know your job well. We do not work alone – we work together. It is very important to be able to communicate, properly convey and sell your ideas so that others are inspired by your activities. Therefore, we will strive for Vilnius Business College to be stronger, grow and at the same time foster a culture and value of hospitality among our students. This will make us the best,” said Marius Jakulis Jason during the graduation ceremony.

Dear graduates, we sincerely congratulate you on graduation! We wish you a happy holiday, prospective work, inspiration to learn and joy in life! Thank you for choosing our College for your personal development!

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