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Director of VVK Jolanta Skirgailė Congratulates Graduates

Congratulations Graduates! Yes, from now on we will call you graduates, alumni…

And it makes this (2020) year special. We all have lived through the pandemic and related fears, uncertainty, rethinking of relationships, activities; at the same time, we rediscovered new possibilities, new us. Life itself is the strongest drive forward.

Lockdown has passed and let us understand our main strengths – it is team spirit, focus, quick decision making, especially having in mind that the College hadn‘t run distance learning and wasn‘t prepared for them. Today I would like to thank everyone for making this change possible.

And you, Dear Alumni, are the stimulus for our transformation, the reason for it. In those three years you have also realized your dream, personal tasks, aims – to complete studies in VVK, to acquire or deepen the knowledge in your chosen field, to become specialists with a diploma. Knowledge is good but the ability to apply it is cool! We hope that your studies in the College helped you to reach this ability.

Keep dreaming, achieving your goals, when in doubt remember your values. Don‘t be afraid of difficulties and dare to start something new. Seek the company of people who inspire you; always look for a Teacher and don‘t forget to thank him.

Today I am grateful to all of you for being Teachers to me and all of us, for celebrating this event together; let it be a source of inspiration and joy in any moment of your lives.

Life is a journey, find your own path!

Director of VVK Jolanta Skirgailė

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