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VVK Studio. Talking with guest – Arnas Haridas, a master of self-discovery. EN subtitles.

What is creativity and how to reveal it in your life if you are studying business management or any other degree program? How fear or chaotic thoughts in mind stops our creativity? Is creativity a natural feature of us? What does it have to do with our inner freedom?

Arnas Haridas, a master of self-discovery, answers these and similar questions. It’s a deep and heartfelt conversation where you’ll hear insights that enrich you. Perhaps this interview will help some people to decide where to study, others to give a motive to look not only at their studies, but also at their own lives.

Vilnius Business College presents a new project “VVK studio”. This is a series of interviews with persons who have a lot of experience in their field and want to share it with others.

VVK studio will help you to reveal and supplement the disciplines taught in our college in more detail, and for the general community to get better acquainted with Vilnius Business College.

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