State-Supported Loans

  • State-Supported Loans are preferential loans for students issued through the selected credit institutions (banks) for one academic year.
  • All students enrolled in the first, second and third cycle, integrated and non-degree studies at higher education institutions in Lithuania can apply for a State-Supported Loan.

Types of State-Supported Loans

  • Loan to cover a tuition fee. Maximum amount equals the yearly tuition fee of the study course you attend. This loan is paid directly to the account of an institution of higher education until July 1.
  • Loan to cover living expenses. Maximum amount – € 1900 per year. This loan is paid in equal monthly installments until July 1 to the borrower’s personal account (for last-year students until graduation);
  • Loan for partial studies abroad. Maximum amount – € 2280, to be paid all at once to the borrower’s personal account.
Loan Type Maximum amount Issued
To cover tuition fee Annual tuition fee of the program In autumn and spring semesters
To cover living expenses Up to 50 BSB (currently 1 900 €) In autumn semester
Up to 25 BSB (currently 950 €) In spring semester
For partial studies abroad Up to 60 BSB (currently 2 280 €) In spring and autumn semesters

In order to get a State-Supported Loan, you should fill an online application form (available in the Lithuanian language only).

State-Supported Loan repayment starts a year after graduation or termination of the studies. The repayment period of a state-supported loan is 15 years. Loan grace periods are possible. There is a possibility of early repayment of the loan at no additional cost.

For more information, please contact a State Studies Foundation representative:

Ch. specialist Vaida Mažylytė
+370 5 255 3371 Call E-mail

Cases When You Cannot Apply for a State-Supported Loan

  • If a total amount of all your State-Supported Loans received, excluding interest, exceeds 385 BSB (Basic Social Benefit (Lith. abbr. BSI) – € 38) – € 14630;
  • If you suspended studies or are on academic leave;
  • If you have already been granted a state-supported loan and fail to fulfill your obligations established by your previous loan agreements;
  • If you are an international student (citizen of non EU or non-European Economic Area country) and have not been granted permanent residency in Lithuania (not applicable for foreigners of Lithuanian origin). Permanent residency (permit of a long-term resident of the Republic of Lithuania to reside in the European Community) means a document entitling an alien to reside in the Republic of Lithuania and certifying the alien’s permanent resident status. Permanent residence permit is issued for five years and, after this period passes, it may be replaced.

Support for Foreigners of Lithuanian Descent

State Studies Foundation provides Support for the Studies of Foreigners of Lithuanian Descent at Lithuanian Schools of Higher Education. They can apply for two (both) types of support:

  • Scholarship;
  • Social disbursement.

Requirements and Application Process

Students, applying for support, must:

  • Be enrolled in the first cycle, integrated or postgraduate studies at a Lithuanian higher education institution;
  • Pass the last session without academic debt (this does not apply to the first year, first semester students and those who apply for social disbursement). Support is not granted to the students, studying languages of the countries they come from.

A student willing to receive support by February 20 in the spring semester and by September 30 in the autumn semester (more conditions here:

In cases when it is not possible to ascertain the applicant’s identity by electronic means (internet banking or electronic certificate), a student applying for the support should arrive to the Foundation and fill in application form on site.

Monthly scholarship – 3,25 BSB (Basic Social Benefit (Lith. abbr. BSI) – € 38) – € 123,50 is awarded during a tender for grants for one semester. The tender list is made as follows (in order of decreasing importance):

  1. First-year full-time students enrolled in the first, second (postgraduate), third cycle, integrated studies;
  2. Second or subsequent year full-time students enrolled in the first, second (postgraduate), third cycle, integrated studies and have achieved an excellent level of achievement.
  3. Second or subsequent year full-time students enrolled in the first, second (postgraduate), third cycle, integrated studies who have achieved the typical level of achievement.
  4. First year part-time students;
  5. Second or subsequent year part-time students.

Social disbursement is paid once per semester. Payable amounts depend on the social circumstances of a particular student:

Social Circumstances Amount
Students of age 26 and under, whose both parents or guardians are dead 319 €
Students of age 26 and under, whose one of the parents or guardians is dead 261 €
Students of age 26 and under, whose one of the parents or guardians has disability 232 €
Students of age 26 and under, who come from large families where at least 3 underage children or young adults (of age 26 and under) are enrolled on formal education programs 203 €

For more information, please contact a State Studies Foundation representative:

Ch. specialist Aldona Valatkevičiūtė
+370 5 263 9158 Call E-mail

Who Cannot Be Granted Support

Support shall not be granted for:

  • Persons who do not have the right to receive assistance;
  • Persons who failed to timely submit application form or correct deficiencies;
  • Students studying the languages ​​of the countries which they came from;
  • Students re-enrolled in the same cycle study program for the period for which they have already received the grant or social disbursement;
  • Students who have violated the conditions for granting aid.

Other Functions of the State Studies Foundation

The State Studies Foundation is a state budgetary institution, which administers financial support for students in Lithuania. The main functions of the State Studies Foundation are as follows:

  • Administering State loans and State-supported loans for students;
  • Administering Study Scholarships;
  • Administering Social Scholarships for students of  Lithuanian higher education institutions studying at the first, second or continuous study levels;
  • Administering reimbursement of a part of the cost of studies paid over a respective period of studies (which may not exceed the normative cost of studies), in accordance with the procedure and amount set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, for a part of non-funded students of the first-level or continuous studies who have the best performance record after the first two years (in the event of extended studies – after completing a half of the study programme) and after the remaining years of studies;
  • Administering the granting of State support for the studies of children and grandchildren of expatriates and foreigners of Lithuanian descent at Lithuanian schools of higher education in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Administering the reimbursement of a part of the cost of studies for persons who fulfilled mandatory initial military service or acomplished basic military training.