Interactive Media and Technologies


The interactive society uses the latest and constantly updated methods of information dissemination and communication. Interactive media and technology are spreading more and more rapidly in business, education, media, medicine, virtual communication, entertainment and many other fields. The ability to use them efficiently is one of the competitive advantages of every company.

Degree awarded:
Professional Bachelor of Computing

Study field: Informatics

Duration: 3 years (full-time)

Credits (ECTS): 180

Course language: English

Tuition fee: EU citizens – 2 300 €; non-EU citizens – 3 000 €

During studies you will learn to work with a variety of audiovisual technologies to prepare digital interactive content, its elements and integrate them into the media using knowledge and skills of digital video, audio, information visualization, animation, design and programming.

Much attention is paid to entrepreneurship, innovative teaching and learning methods, where you can learn through modeling situations in media technologies industry, applying your knowledge and ideas in practice. Virtual learning environment, modern ICT and blended learning method is a part of Interactive Media and Technologies study programme.

The Aim of the Programme

To prepare specialists that are able to design and create interactive elements of media, applying knowledge of digital sound and video, information visualization, animation, design and programming, to cooperate in the media products development, to think creatively and critically, to adapt to fast changing technologies and market environment.


VVK Interactive Media and Technologies study programme graduates will be able to work as interactive media developers (designers), product or project managers, multimedia, web systems designers, web designers, game designers and developers, data visualization specialists, interactive media designers, video and audio editors and other. Main partners and employers are 3 Idėja + and Mokomieji filmai companies.

Innovative teaching methods and knowledge delivered by lecturers pracititionairs ensure the College graduates competitiveness in the market and provide with all necessary competencies for those who want to start their own business, applying modern technology and inventing innovative solutions.

According to Ranking (Reitingai) magazine, Vilnius Business College / VVK is Top 2 among other  Lithuanian colleges in the evaluation of bachelor’s programmes in informatics.

Programme Subjects

1 year

  • Applied Information Technologies
  • English
  • Basics of Computer Graphics
  • Psychology
  • Basics of Computer Design
  • Web Design
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Web Interaction
  • 3D Graphics Modeling
  • Audiovisual Technologies
  • Professional English
  • Optional Subject
  • Guided Internship

2 year

  • IT Project Management
  • Interactive Media Components
  • Video Technologies
  • Sound technologijos
  • New Digital Media
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Basics of Law
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Multimedia Technologies Project
  • Media Ethics and Law
  • Computer Game Development Basics and Technologies
  • Professional English
  • Optional Subject
  • Internship in a Company

3 year

  • 3D Graphics and Animation
  • Visual Effects Editing
  • Multimedia for Smart Devices
  • Web programavimas
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Virtual Augmented Reality
  • Integrated Business Studies
  • Optional Subject
  • Final Internship
  • Bachelor Thesis/Project

Admission Requirements

Competitive Subjects and Weight Coefficients

I subject
Mathematics: 0,4

II subject
Information Technologies or Physics: 0,2

III subject
Any subject that does not match with other subjects: 0,2

IV subject
Course language: 0,2

Required Documents

  • Secondary education or high school diploma and transcripts (original diploma or notarized copy) accompanied with their translation into English or Russian
  • Proficiency in English (at least B1 according to CEFR standard)
  • Passport or ID card
  • 2 Photos (40×60 mm)
  • Application form
  • Registration fee 100 €

For more information on the Admission Process, please read the Admission page.

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