Library is intended for providing the College community with information resources, services that meet the needs of College students, teachers and community. College students may use library books, Internet connection, compendiums of study programme subjects, prepared by College teachers, free of charge.

Due to rapid development of technologies in order to be an attractive and modern library, in 2010 VVK library became a member of Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LMBA). In 2017 – a member of Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library Consortium (eLABa).

Lending Publications

The library uses „OpenBiblio“ computer catalogue, where books and users are registered. Students can see which books are available in the library.

Virtual VVK Library (VVK VB) is an integral search engine for subscription databases, free virtual resources, information system of Lithuanian academic electronic library (eLABa) and library resources of other Lithuanian universities.

Free and Under Subscription Databases


Database package of full-text scientific articles consisting of various databases of full-text articles of bibliographical periodicals on issues of social, humanitarian, medical and technical sciences. The major databases found on EBSCOPublishing are:

  • Academic Search Premier
  • Business Source Premier
  • ERIC
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
  • Health Source – Consumer Edition
  • Library, Infromation Science&Technology Abstracts
  • MasterFILE Premier
  • Newspaper Source
  • Regional Business News
  • Teacher Reference Center
  • Green File

Emerald Management eJournals

Database of full-text scientific journals that consists publishings of business, management, marketing, information and communication sciences.

Emerald Management eJournals


Database of full-text scientific journals on issues of humanitarian, social sciences, medicine, health protection, technologies, biomedical and physical sciences.

Electronic Library eLABa

Information system of Lithuanian academic electronic library (hereinafter – eLABa) is a national Lithuanian academic electronic library containing free access documents and/or meta-data of science and studies:

  • Publications by teachers, researchers and students of Lithuanian scientific and academic institutions;
  • Final theses, PhD dissertations and their summaries, overviews of research papers for habilitation procedures confirmed by Lithuanian scientific and academic institutions;
  • Documents of free access or subscribed databases of Lithuanian scientific and academic institutions.

Copying and Printing Services

Pre-programmed printing card can be purchased in the library.

Service Price
Card of 50 credits 2,80 €
Card of 100 credits 5, 30 €
Binding 2, 00 €
Library Rules
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