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In this section, we provide frequently asked questions. Also, you can send us a message via email: info@kolegija.lt – we will answer in private.

SKVC is a Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education which evaluates international students‘ / candidates‘ eligibility to study in Lithuanian higher education institutions based on their secondary education documents (diploma and transcripts) acquired in their home countries.

SKVC evaluation procedure is a must for all international students. It takes from 40 working days to issue a statement of eligibility, possibly more during peak time of applications (usually summer) or if candidate‘s submitted documents are insufficient or incorrect. Due to this it is recommended to start your SKVC procedure simultaneously with application for studies in the College. This saves time. However, the final statement of candidate‘s eligibility to study is made by SKVC and not the College.

More information on SKVC evaluation process can be found in the links below:



We do not have specific entry examinations. In order to start studies in the College, a candidate should have finished a government-approved secondary school in their home country and have a diploma with transcripts testifying that. A candidate must also motivate their choice of a particular study programme and demonstrate a serious intention to study. One more requirement is a sufficient level of English and/or Russian language (depending on which study programme and in which language one intends to study).

Admission fee is non-refundable. Tuition fee may be refunded in a case of study (D) visa denial due to reasons that a candidate may not be considered responsible for, e.g. force majeure circumstances, political circumstances, etc. In such a case a candidate has to fill in a special refund request form and submit it to the College.

The College guides a candidate through all the visa application process, provides consultations and issues a Mediation letter and other required documents to the embassy.

First year students with a study visa D cannot work. First year students with a Temporary Residency Permit (TRP) can work half the workload, i.e. 20 hours per week. Second year and senior students with a valid TRP can work 20 hours per week, i.e. half the usual workload in Lithuania.

Graduates who find a job in Lithuania can stay and work on the basis of a work visa, requested by the employer; also in case a graduate sets up their own company (according to state requirements). Graduates who just graduated from the College are entitled to a one-year long TRP for finding a job; as graduates are no longer our students, they apply for a TRP themselves and the College does not mediate in the process.

No, we don‘t offer fully distant learning classes. However, some subjects in certain study programmes are taught online as a part of distance learning, also in force majeure cases, etc.

Vilnius Business College students lives here:



Also, students can find place to stay by their own. There are various dormitories available in capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Prices depends on location and conditions offered so it’s very different.

Shared room could cost from 100 to 200 euros/month, private flat or house options are available in the city. Our college staff members provides information and assistance in order to find accommodation possibilities for students from abroad. Shared accommodation doesn’t have to be the only option. If you prefer to live alone or more comfortably, here are a few choices you might consider:

• Aruodas
• Domoplius
• Airbnb
• Booking
• Solo Society

For more information about accommodation in Vilnius, you can find here: https://www.kolegija.lt/en/accommodation/

Currently the minimum salary in Lithuania is 730 Eur/month. Official minimum income required in order to stay in Lithuania is half that amount, i.e. 304 Eur/month. However, in reality this amount is too little to live normally in Vilnius, especially if one rents a flat. Students are advised to have at least 400 – 500 Eur/month (including food, household bills, transportation costs and other expenses), preferably more.

Note: this information is subject to change, so it should always be checked on state institutions‘ websites like the Migration Department.

We offer preparatory English course for prospective candidates wishing to raise their level of English and to better prepare for future studies in the College. The prerequisite is that after the English preparatory course a candidate stays to study a chosen study programme at Vilnius Business College and becomes a full-time student. There is no possibility to study in preparatory English course without further BA studies in the College.

No, IELTS, TOEFL or other international English language certifications are not required. Each international student has a Skype conference with the Admission Board who evaluates candidate‘s eligibility to study and also checks candidate‘s English language proficiency.


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