College Alumni


Vilnius Business College alumni Paulo shares his experience about Vilnius and his studies in Lithuania.

Darius Sinkevičius

Darius, a graduate of VVK, is now a director of the company KRKA Lithuania. In this short movie, Darius shares his studies at VVK and his experience.

Irina Ruban

She is one of the most energetic and bright alumni of VVK. She graduated from Tourism and Events study programme in 2019. Would you like to know how is she after a year? Irina established an event organizing company in Germany “Chilli Event”. Her team mostly organizes mass events. Congratulations!!

Alim Rubinskiy

VVK graduates do not stop surprising us by their activities. Alim is a VVK alumni who developed business on wheels. What? Take a look! Alimas VVK studied Business Management and Marketing.

How is he doing now? Check the video.