Meet Our Alumni -

Meet Our Alumni

The Vilnius Business College Alumni Club is a non-profit organisation established on a voluntary basis to unite different generations of alumni.

It aims to maintain ties with the higher education institution, to create and foster social dialogue, and to help develop professional and general competences.

Members of the club are invited to meet their professors and fellow students, to make and foster new friendships with current students, to share their experiences and to create new values.

By becoming a member of the VVK Alumni Club, you will contribute to increasing the alumni network of the College, networking with fellow students, lecturers and other members of the community, sharing knowledge, experiences and creating new values.

How do you become a member? Sign up using the registration form below and wait for us to contact you.

Alumni of the College are welcome to join the alumni club by registering here:


Darius Sinkevičius

Darius, a graduate of VVK, is now a director of the company KRKA Lithuania. In this short movie, Darius shares his studies at VVK and his experience.



Vilnius Business College alumni Paulo shares his experience about Vilnius and his studies in Lithuania.


Alim Rubinskiy

VVK graduates do not stop surprising us by their activities. Alim is a VVK alumni who developed business on wheels. What? Take a look! Alimas VVK studied Business Management and Marketing.

How is he doing now? Check the video.


Marcelė Sirgedienė

Each of us has more than one talent – this is what we found when we interviewed Marcelė Sirgedienė, a recent graduate from Vilnius Business College.

After finishing school, she enrolled at Vilnius University to study English. However, she didn’t finish her studies, because she enrolled in… acting! Turns out that Marcelė is a professional actress who has never lost her passion to English.

“When I started acting, I realised that I didn’t want to neglect English and lose all progress. I decided to continue learning the language. College was the perfect place to do it, as studying on weekends is convenient for me. My goal is to gain knowledge, solidify my previous knowledge and get an education. “- said Marcelė Sirgedienė, a VVK alumna.


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