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Student Support

In Vilnius Business College, we have established and implemented student consultation strategies:

  • Mandatory consultations with designated office hours, as specified in course descriptions, and their times are publicly announced;
  • When needed, lecturers provide consultations to students after lectures or at prearranged times, both individually and in groups, through email or in a virtual learning environment.

The Study Department assists lecturers and students in organizing a coherent study process. We are coordinating and monitoring the selection process of projects, final theses, and internships, providing initial information to candidates regarding the assessment of their non-academic achievements in the college learning environment.

For academic assistance, please contact your study coordinator, whose contact information can be found in the CONTACTS section ->

For those who feel emotionally unstable, experience psychological difficulties, and wish to discuss them with a specialist, we would like to invite you to a free consultation.

“Youth line” emotional support by phone tel. 8 800 28888 (24/7)
“Youth line” emotional support by e-mail 6.00pm-00.00 (I-VI)
Urgent psychological help via video call is provided 4.00pm-8.00pm (I-V) 12.00-4.00pm (VI) on the skype platform: @krizesiveikimas
Emotional support via live chat, available 6.00pm-00.00 (I-VI):

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Marius Zalieckas

International Studies Coordinator

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