HEAD - Executive Acceleration Program -


HEAD – Executive Acceleration Program

HEAD – Executive Acceleration Program. It is a balanced four-month training program for newly appointed mid-level team leaders, to provide the professional with the range of leadership skills necessary for faster adaptation and smooth acceleration of his new role. HEAD focuses on the three most important dimensions of management for middle managers: team, organization, and self.

Main Features for the HEAD

  • Professional management and leadership sessions with 4 months of high quality content.
  • Individual and group learning sessions with market consultant leaders and international lecturers.
  • Addresses key management, leadership, change development skills.

Benefits for the manager, team and company:

  • accelerate smoother onboarding into management role (personal layer);
  • align team performance with strong decision management and execution (team layer);
  • assure leadership of the team, ability to transfer goals to implementation (team layer);
  • practise the ability to plan and analyze changes in business processes (company layer);
  • develop change business case (company layer).
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