Inter-collegian trends of applied scientific research are the following:

  • Research on project-based learning application (IM). The context of the 21st educational paradigms and newly formed skills requires research on application and efficiency of new learning methods. Project-based learning implementation and application responds to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) challenges to raise in students an ability to study independently. The growing concept of project-based learning is student-oriented methodology, application of which facilitates application of knowledge and skills in practical situations, fosters creative thinking. Research on project-based learning application will comprise aspects of project-based learning process as well as content improvement.
  • Competence research (DP) – a student-oriented learning paradigm anticipates formation of certain competences in the study process. Nevertheless efficiency and performance of competence formation are to be measured and researched in order to analyze the demand for competences in the market and find the most effective ways to form them. Research on competence demand and cultivation will enable us to make premises for sustainable development through integrating personalities, sector-specific and national priorities.
  • Applied solutions of business development (DP). Business development solutions must be based on objective and purposefully collected information on research. The research comprises business environment analysis, consumer needs analysis, comparative analysis of business development alternatives and other relevant fields of research. Analysis of external business context as well as research of internal processes and problems will enable us after detailed and comprehensive analysis of the situation to offer possible business improvement alternatives, bearing in mind the importance of business development and its significance for national competitiveness.

The Foreign Languages Department aims at:

  • Analysis of linguistic strategies and means of linguistic expression

The Information Technologies Department aims at:

  • Technology-based learning
  • Research on technologies and human interaction

The Business Department aims at:

  • Market research
  • Development of hospitality products/services
  • Analysis of communication strategies
  • Improvement of logistics processes/services


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