Trainings and Bachelor's Programs for Company Employees -

Trainings and Bachelor’s Programs for Company Employees

Empower Your Company’s Employees to Advance!

Invest to your team education and stand out in the professional world!

Vilnius Business College invites companies, institutions, and their employees:

IT Courses –

These IT programs are designed for business professionals who want to keep up with the pace of technology and explore customized digitalization possibilities for their sector, company, or product development.

The program features global experts in fascinating technological topics who, together with business and other professionals, aim to feel the pulse of technology, share knowledge, and use practical tools in their daily lives.

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HEAD Executive Acceleration Program –

HEADExecutive Acceleration Program is a newly designed four-month learning program for mid-level team leaders, aimed at providing a balanced spectrum of leadership skills necessary for faster adaptation and smooth mastery of their new role.

HEAD focuses on three key management dimensions for mid-level corporate leaders: the team, the organization, and self.

Since 2007, Vilnius Business College has been an accredited institution authorized to award professional bachelor’s degrees. Since 2012, graduates of the college have been highly valued by employers.

You can find information about study programs, their descriptions, prices, etc. at the following links:

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