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Outsourced Work for Businesses

Vilnius Business College students offer unique and professional services for companies!

Engage in collaboration with VBC students to receive solutions in various business areas, from design and digital marketing to business consulting. Order services and experience the enthusiasm and creativity of young talent in your projects!

Implemented projects:


Finding clients for a newly established company, where students work, is not such a simple task, so when Team Academy students Haroldas Barauskas, Mantas Lapinis, and Kasparas Mišinas realized they had their first major client, their joy knew no bounds. “iSnacks” is the name of the company that entrusted the students with their skills and dedication. It is a company providing self-service kiosks and vending machine services, which approached the students with a specific task list and estimate.

Taking the list, the whole team sat down, going through each point, checking what and how needs to be done, whether we can manage to do it. It was one of our more serious projects because it required implementing more than one task. We understood that everyone would have their roles, so the tasks needed to be distributed and agreed upon clearly among us,” recalled student Mantas Lapinis.

The team faced tasks such as creating a website, designing the self-service kiosks, dealing with service distribution, creating mock-ups, taking photographs, and more.

For this company, students from Vilnius Business College conducted a market research project. As per the client’s request, they investigated solar energy companies in England and Ireland.

We interviewed Deimantė Noreikienė, the marketing manager of “Saulės grąža.” She shared her expectations before hiring students for the planned project, the results achieved, and what surprised her.

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