About Us

The period we are living in opens up magnificent opportunities and constant challenges. We prepare our students to be open to the challenges of the period and realize their dreams in the chosen professional activity. The College experience, attention to study quality, a variety of programmes and a dynamic response to changes in the market provide a sound basis to create and spread unique good experience of teaching and learning. Active engagement into the learning process by our students, teachers, administrative staff and diverse partners, enthusiasm fostered by a dialogue, team work and creative communication as well as collaboration warrant our joint successes.


Vilnius Business College started in 1989 as one of the first non-state funded higher education institutions. In 2001 the institution was granted a status of a college – higher non-university institution and a right to grant a state-recognized higher education diploma to its graduates. From 2007 Vilnius Business College is a higher accredited institution entitled to granting professional BA degree. From 2012 College graduates are among most highly valued by employers. From 2013 data of every year show that as much as 92,6 % of graduates become successfully employed, set up or develop their own business. A part of graduates continue studies in national or foreign universities and colleges. Starting with 2013 up till now Vilnius Business College is rated No. 1 according to added value created by the graduates and employers‘ assessment. In 2014 College activity received a positive evaluation from international experts and upon the decision by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education Vilnius Business College has been accredited for the maximum period.

From 2013 College successfully entered international markets through running international studies in Russian and English languages, which by now have attracted students from 22 countries such as Belarus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazachstan, Turkey, Nigeria, Angola, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran…