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About us

The current historical moment presents numerous exciting opportunities and unique challenges. With this in mind, our aim is to arm students with all the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle any work-related issue with confidence, and succeed in their chosen field. We take pride not only in our vast experience, attention to quality, and variety of study programmes, but also in our ability to promptly respond to market needs. To ensure a seamless transition from studies to careers, we provide a healthy mix of theory and hands-on training, delivered in partnership with some of the country’s most forward-looking organisations. We believe that our collaborative spirit and continuous two-way dialogue between the student body and the college staff makes VBC a truly modern institution capable of meeting our students’ complex and varied needs with confidence.


Vilnius Business College (VBC) was established in 1989 as one of the first private higher education institutions in Lithuania. In 2001 it was granted the status of college – a school (non-university) of higher education – and the right to issue officially recognised higher education diplomas to its graduates. The right to bestow professional BA degrees was granted to VBC in 2007, making it on par with other European business schools.

From 2012 onwards, our graduates have been among the most highly sought-after young professionals in the country. Year after year for nearly a decade now, data has consistently shown that over 92% of our former students manage to find gainful employment, start a new business, or continue their studies at home or abroad.

In 2013, VBC joined the ranks of schools and universities in Lithuania offering education for international students. The college now provides the opportunity to study in Lithuania and in English languages. So far, VBC has attracted students from 22 countries, including Belarus, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nigeria, Angola, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran, and others.

The college has been rated by graduates and employers as No. 1 in terms of value added every year since 2013, and received a positive appraisal by international experts in 2014, prompting the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education to accredit VBC for the maximum period.


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