Students Scientific-Practical Conference on AI Took Place -

Students Scientific-Practical Conference on AI Took Place

Yesterday, on May 31st, a scientific-practical conference “Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities” took place at Vilnius Business College. The presentations were delivered by lecturers and students of Vilnius Business College, as well as students from Lithuanian Business College.

The presentations covered topics such as the impact of AI on education, the ethical implications of AI usage, AI’s influence on human enhancement, the effect of mobile apps and AI on customer loyalty, and how students can apply AI in their lives.

The conference attracted a diverse audience, including students from abroad such as Alberta College (Latvia), Warsaw School of Computer Science (Poland), and Tischner European University (Poland). Some of the attendees followed the conference remotely through the college’s YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

Participation in the conference encouraged deeper exploration and overcoming fears. When asked what they learned from participating in the conference, students from our college mentioned that it was an opportunity to overcome internal fears and deepen their knowledge in a specific area.

Ekaterine Chkhivadze, a first-year student studying Business Management and Marketing in English, shared her experience: “Presentation and public speaking are things I used to avoid and fear. But this semester, I prepared so many presentations during various lectures that this experience helped me prepare for the conference. Speaking in front of unfamiliar people, including lecturers, knowing that there is a live broadcast, is unfamiliar territory for me. I was nervous both before and after the presentation. I realized that I don’t have to worry so much.”

Victor Orok, studying Business Management and Marketing in English, added, “I always avoided presentations and, in general, I am quite reserved. I have studied in other countries, but only at Vilnius Business College did I step out of my comfort zone and finally start speaking publicly. It’s an extraordinary feeling.”

Their classmate Sobhan Gholizadeh, who presented the topic “Demystifying AI: How to Bridge the Gap between Model Complexity and Understandability,” said that participating in the conference gave him the opportunity to delve into a topic he hadn’t considered before. “I knew nothing about this topic before the conference, so I had a motive to seek information. Although the conference is over, I will continue to delve deeper because I enjoy learning. In general, participating in such conferences arouses curiosity to delve into all the topics presented.”

The project was prepared and implemented with funding from the State Study Foundation.



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