Project “EuCom4u” Conference at Vilnius Business College -

Project “EuCom4u” Conference at Vilnius Business College

Last Friday, February 25th , Vilnius Business College hosted an international conference “EUCom4U”.

Together with the guests of the conference from 6 different EU countries, we discussed and listened to reports on Lithuania’s development before joining the EU and discussed the situation in Ukraine. ”

Today, as never before, the debate on European values has been resumed, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine. We express solidarity with Ukraine, “said Gitana Neverienė, Director of Vilnius Business College.

Looking back always helps us to better appreciate change, and the events of today reinforce that appreciation with great gratitude that we can create our future together.

This conference was the last one for this whole project “EUCom4U” which took place for several years in different countries.




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