Project title – Quality Assurance of Adult Migrant Integration Training

The aim of the project is to develop quality standards in the training of adult migrants.

The project coordinator is Axxell, Finland and 15 partners from 13 EU countries.

Work done:

  • 2012 October 18 – 21 The third meeting of partners took place in Vilnius;
  • Recognized how different European partner institutions provide training for adult migrants in their countries;
  • A study was carried out to find out: 1) what integration training means in each country 2) how the quality of such training and the impact on the environment are measured 3) how the quality of this training is ensured;
  • Quality criteria related to the training of migrants were discussed, which would help to improve the quality of integration training for adult education institutions developing such training plans;
  • Recommendations are being developed on which methods ensure the high quality of integration training and how they can be evaluated;
  • 4 mobility visits took place, participated in partner meetings;
  • A discussion seminar was organized in Vilnius in 2013;
  • Network website created;
  • Prepared dissemination products: leaflets, posters, presentations.
  • 2014 April 4 Vilnius Business College organized a discussion seminar on the project ADUQUA (in Lithuanian), and a lecture for Russian-speaking international students entitled “Permits to live and work in Lithuania” (in Russian).
    You can find the program of the meeting in Vilnius here.


Company information

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