Digital games and VR -

Digital games and VR

The goal of the project – to implement the project in the IT field based on the “Agile” methodology.

Project partners – Lithuania, Portugal

Project number – 2021-1-PT01-KA131-HED-000008451-1

Game development students – Dariush Šitel, Daniel Kulesho, Radoslav Kodis and teacher Mantas Talmantas, teaching 3D graphics modeling, game design, vector animation – May, 2023 participated in Erasmus+ mixed intensive program “Digital games and VR” which took place in Portugal, “The polytechnic institute of Cavado and Ave” (IPCA).

The project included the development of VR applications related to games and health. Students also improved teamwork, time management, task sharing, structured work distribution, and communication skills. It was a memorable trip, full of new experiences and acquaintances!



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