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Project “European Union: common past, present and future for you”

The European Union: a common past, present and future ”(EUcom4U) with 6 partner countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Lithuania).

The aim of the project

Raise awareness and knowledge of the common European historical experience by commemorating and celebrating the major events of the 20th century in the partner countries, with a special focus on young people under 30.

About what?

The main theme of all the events is PEACE and UNITY.

What will be done?

2020-2022 6 most important educational events are planned and already planned in Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Potsdam (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lėliko Tarnavo (Bulgaria).

The main topics of the events:

The Hague Congress and the Schuman Declaration with the idea of ​​Unity
1957 – The beginning of the European Economic Community
1979 – the first direct elections to the European Parliament
1990 – German reunification (fall of the Berlin Wall)
2004 – Enlargement of the European Union (new member states) – organized by Vilnius Business College, 2020 November 11-13
2000 – Charter of Fundamental Rights
The concept of European unity and community will be disseminated and strengthened through a variety of event formats – conferences, seminars, debates, exhibitions, a Facebook account and other non-formal learning tools.

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