IDEATE High Tech

Project title – LLP Erasmus Multilateral projects. IDEATE-HighTech (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies) – LLP Erasmus Multilateral Projects. IDEATE High Tech (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Program in Transforming High Technology Education).

The aim of the project is to develop the opportunities for higher education in Europe in response to the emerging market needs and the requirements of complex work experience in the market, which would help to develop employment opportunities for students in higher education institutions.

The project involved partner institutions from 4 EU countries: the United Kingdom, Finland, Slovenia and Lithuania (VVK).

Strategic objectives of the project:

  • Develop a concept and model for trans-European-level entrepreneurship education that meets the requirements of the Master’s degree program and enables the development of a tardisciplinary approach and collaboration between disciplines such as media and the arts, creative industries and ICT, technology (management) and business, health and bio- science by attracting experts in these business areas;
  • To create real preconditions for graduates who have completed this training program to create businesses and start-ups.

Project benefits

The project will benefit different groups of project participants through the acquired new knowledge and skills:

  • Students and teachers have gained new experience and knowledge in areas such as: decision making / business negotiation (knowledge);
  • Businesses have acquired new skills such as creative process management and communication (skills);
  • Building trust and understanding through the exchange of experience and skills (skills);
  • Developing new experience on how to optimize an organization’s strength by finding individuals who can offer the organization a valuable creative solution (skills);
  • Higher education organizations have learned how the production-operational process can be redesigned to meet customer needs (knowledge).


Company information

Vilnius Business College Company code 191807983