Is it really possible to start your own business while studying by the Team Academy method? -

Is it really possible to start your own business while studying by the Team Academy method?

Creating and developing a business with a team while still in college?! Sounds too good to be true? Business Management and Marketing studies by the Team Academy method teach students to practically create their own business from the first year. But does it really work? Four 2024 Team Academy graduates answer: “Yes!”. Find out how they did it!


Mantas Vilciauskas: “Studies accelerated my business”

Mantas Vilciauskas entered Vilnius Business College already implementing his business idea, but he learned about how business works, its processes, and peculiarities in more depth during his studies. “Our coach Ausra Gaivenienė helped me a lot, she put extraordinary effort into guiding us, constantly showing the right direction, and with her vast experience introduced us to the business world. I grew significantly over the three years,” says the graduate.

Mantas’s business is the sale of wood pellets, solid fuel, briquettes, and firewood, which people use for heating their homes (Facebook page “”). His thesis was related to his business, focusing on how to bring a new brand to the market. “Thesis allowed me to delve deeper into theoretical aspects and apply the knowledge in business. I can already see the impact on my business, as our brand is visible in the market and recognized by customers,” rejoiced the Vilnius Business College alumnus.

Mantas advises other Team Academy students to enjoy the study process, make as many useful connections as possible, and work in a team because, according to him, solo journeys are much more challenging.


Saule Malinauskaite: “I don’t want to work for others like a robot”

Saule Malinauskaite, who traded medical studies in Sweden for life in Lithuania and studies by Team Academy method, dedicated her final years to her family business. She sees the studies as an excellent school of independence. “You have to come up with a lot on your own, step out of your comfort zone, learn to get along with the team. The studies were full of potential, which I didn’t fully appreciate in the first year. Writing my thesis was also challenging because I only studied Lithuanian for three years, and then I went to school in Sweden. Everything is manageable if you just start doing it,” said the graduate.

Currently, Saule has started implementing a new business idea in the food industry, prompted by an unpleasant work experience. “I realized I could do better and started taking action. I conducted market analysis, found the necessary contacts, and purchased equipment. I don’t want to work for others like a robot in a corner, without the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I still have a lot to do, but I want to try,” Saule Malinauskaite shared determinedly, deciding not to fully disclose her specific business idea.

She advises other Team Academy students to have the courage to try new things and take advantage of all the opportunities provided because the study time passes very quickly.


Simonas Vaskunas: “The idea of passive income became a working business”

Simonas Vaskunas, along with a friend, initially saw website creation as their primary business idea. Aiming for a passive income, they created an online shop which… became their main business. “I saw that in reality everything is different. The most important thing is not to think and overthink but to do. Along the way, you see what is needed, whether it will succeed or not,” shared Simonas.

Photo – personal archive by S. Vaskunas

Their online shop selling various furniture and pet products, has been operating for over two years. Simonas says that in creating the business, he mostly used the knowledge about filling various documents and gained the courage to speak publicly. He advises other Team Academy students to start a business by forming small teams, to communicate more not only within their group but also with students throughout the college.


Sandra Butkute: “SUP boards gave me a job”

Sandra Butkute found a job by becoming interested in SUP boards and starting to work at a company renting them. SUP boards fascinated her so much that she learned to swim, to paddle and rose from a regular employee to a marketing manager.

Photo – personal archive by S. Butkute

“I was active during my studies, implementing various projects. Because of this the company entrusted me with organizing events. Gradually, I rose in my position. My thesis was about evaluating and improving the marketing of this company. I applied the knowledge practically: we changed our business strategy, started offering new services, and creating new advertisements,” shared the graduate about applying knowledge in business.

After graduating, she continues to work at the mentioned company and wishes other Team Academy students the courage to take on challenges and constantly test themselves in various situations.


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