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My First Year at Vilnius Business College

My first year at college

We start the new academic year with a text from Edvin Zuzanov, who is a 2nd year English language and Communication student. Edvin talks openly and honestly about his expectations, where he wanted to study after finishing school, and his doubts at the beginning of the first year.

What is waiting for me here? Will there be a lot of learning to do? Will I like it here? Many freshmen face these kinds of questions. The joy of starting a new and more independent phase of one’s life is accompanied by anxiety and uncertainty. Edvin shares his impressions about the first year of college and reveals what motivates him to fully immerse himself in studying.

Edvin Zuzanov

I remember my last year at school vividly. I was not really bothered by questions about what to study and where. At that point I clearly knew what I wanted and where I needed to study. I confess – I believed my place was at the university. But you cannot plan everything in life. After graduating 12 classes, I found myself at Vilnius Business College, having chosen the study programme of English Language and International Communication.

During the first weeks, I didn’t know what to expect, I asked myself: what kind of teachers will there be, will there be diligent studying, will I have to sit until dawn doing my homework, but most importantly, will I enjoy studying here? It wasn’t long before I realized that I was completely immersed in my studies. All my time and attention has been shifted towards college. Because I chose a very broad specialty, I have to learn many different aspects related to English, communication, writing, discussion of world news, creating presentations. It’s only been one year since I was here, and it’s very clear to me that I’ve gotten everythig I expected from my studies and even more!

The was most impressed by the phonetics lectures. It was the first lecture of the beginning of the week, and although it may sound funny, I was waiting every Monday with bated breath to learn and discuss many things related to phonetics. These lectures helped me realize that English is much more difficult than I initially thought. Until college, no one has ever taught me such things. After a while, I came to a conclusion that choosing your desired specialty or branch of science creates more motivation for you to learn and be active during the lecture.

I never in my life felt such a strong desire to try harder, even before the exams in gymnasium. Only when I started studying in this college did I get a good opportunity to show my initiative, my desire to know more and to reveal myself as a person. Our classes are not very large, so the lecturers can communicate with everyone personally and provide equal conditions for learning. Only one year has passed and my entire view on colleges and universities has changed.

In the end, I think that the most important thing is to not hesitate at the moment of choosing the desired specialty for your study. Not everything depends on the popularity of educationl institutions. The quality of science will not take a hit if you choose a college. I know that very clearly now.


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