New Lecturers: The College Pleasantly Surprised us -

New Lecturers: The College Pleasantly Surprised us

New lecturers joined the community of Vilnius Business College. How are they doing and how do they feel in college? What impressions did our students have? Has this still short work experience at our college been accompanied by personal discoveries and challenges? We already talked to a couple of new teachers, so we would like to invite you meet them here!

Working in college has changed to more practical thinking

Audrius Dabrovolskas teaches communication theory for strategic communication and management at Vilnius Business College. Audrius says that he is grateful for the opportunity to teach due to the favorable circumstances that allowed him to reveal his internal abilities to consult, manage work and analyze. He entered our college with experience in teaching at a university, so meeting him with students at a different type of educational institution was new way to him.

“Vilnius Business College students speak excellent English and are active. How they formulate sentences, what their vocabulary is, how they participate in discussions, how they work together is really exciting. Their theoretical perception is no different from university students, they are able to discuss on a theoretical level, ”A. Dabrovolskas shared his impressions.

According to the teacher, only 2 months since his started new possition at Vilnius Business College but this working experience encourage him to include more practical tasks in his lectures. It is important for students to get involved. They are interested because they learn better by doing. “It simply came to our notice then. My thinking became more practical. It is during practice that I present the theory to the students, ”the teacher was pleased with the discoveries.

Technology expands the variety of teaching methods

The choice of technological tools helps A. Dabrovolskis to apply more diverse teaching methods. Vilnius College of Business uses legal Zoom licenses and the possibilities of the Moodle educational program for remote teaching. Different technology tools provide convenience and the ability to integrate ever-changing teaching models. The teacher of communication theory explained:

“I can assign students to separate rooms where they will present the results after completing the assignment. Students like it, and I like to apply new forms, take advantage of the wider possibilities offered by the paid Zoom plan. If I, as a teacher, get so much in one tool, the efficiency decreases. When the college gives everything at once, I can reveal my teaching methodology to the maximum.

The warm community of the college pleasantly surprised

Dr. Keisha LaRaine Ingram has joined the teaching community of Vilnius Business College. Keisha LaRaine Ingram, who teaches communication and marketing, enjoys a close and warm community. “Usually I don’t have that much time to get involved in the activities of a certain educational institution, but I am really active in Vilnius Business College. I don’t just teach. I work closely with the administration, which I am very pleased with. Compared to other educational institutions, this college is a unique, positive place, ”said K. LaRaine Ingram.

Zoom also lets you communicate closely with students

She also enjoyed the students’ activity, communication and involvement in the lectures. “During the lectures I try to provide as many practical examples as possible that are useful and interesting for the students. There is a change between us, a relationship has arisen. It’s unusual because we haven’t met live, we just see each other through Zoom. Students’ motivation and relaxation help to create a personal connection, ”the lecturer shared her teaching experience at Vilnius Business College.

When asked about teaching methods, Keisha LaRaine Ingram says that teaching is not an easy job, but as a teacher she feels good, has a lot of experience, so she doesn’t have much difficulty. “I like mentoring, exchanging ideas. I am a researcher with a doctorate and do various research. For me, the innovation in college is the possibilities and use of Zoom, so it’s moving fast. “


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