Project objective – Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labor market – Language skills and intercultural challenges in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labor market.

Project coordinator – Turisticka i ugostiteljska skola, Dubrovnik, Croatia. The project involved partner institutions from 9 countries: Croatia, Latvia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Lithuania (VVK).

Completed activities:

  • Meeting of project partners at Vilnius Business College on the inclusion of game elements in the Internet platform. College lecturers conducted trainings.
  • Meeting of the project partners in Riga, where the lecturers of VVK also participated – the project activities and their improvement were discussed.
  • Meeting of project partners in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. The progress of the project, the tasks created, and the preparation for piloting the platform with students and other people for whom such a product is relevant were discussed.
  • Piloting of created online tasks by VVK teachers inside and outside the college. More than a hundred people took part in the piloting, mostly students from VVK and SMK. Their feedback revealed that the tasks created during the project were relevant, useful and interesting for them.
  • Online tasks, educational games and videos (filmed and sounded by VVK teams) were created as planned in the project. All this has been translated from English into Lithuanian and Swedish.
  • Study exhibition in Tbilisi.
  • The project was presented to the students and teachers of Varpas (Vilnius) gymnasium.
  • Participation in the International Education Exhibition in Istanbul. The international activities of the college and international projects were presented.
  • The International Week: Accepting Diversity was organized together with the College of Social Sciences. A conference on the integration of international students was organized and good practices were shared. Participants came from 14 countries: Turkey, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Kosovo, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Germany, France, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Laos and South Korea.



  • Meeting with the school community in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.
  • During study days in Ukmergė and Utena.
  • 2018 The final conference of the project took place on 4-6 June in Dubrovnik. The event was attended by lecturers, teachers, tourism center staff and other stakeholders from 9 countries participating in the project. The project partners presented their own online learning platform, http://esolams.eu/unity/, for smartphone apps for learning 16 languages. The conference participants discussed with experts from various countries how to make better use of the developed tool in teaching foreign language to students of hospitality programs in both vocational and higher education, how to adapt it to the needs of stakeholders from other fields, e.g. for tourists traveling abroad, translators, teachers of hospitality programs in non-foreign language lectures.

More information: languages4all.eu



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