Students Scientific-Practical Conference 2024 -

Students Scientific-Practical Conference 2024

We would like to invite you to join us at Vilnius Business College upcoming students scientific conference: “Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities.”

As AI tools become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, it becomes a challenge for educational institutions to explore how these innovations can be effectively used in the learning process. In response, Vilnius Business College has taken the initiative to organize this conference.

Conference goal is by fostering discussions and collaborations with both local and international educational institutions, provide the analysis and presentations of new and innovative technological solutions that can enhance the educational experience in the era of artificial intelligence by developing students research skills on socially relevant topic within this evolving technological landscape. Moreover, presentations delivered during the conference will have the opportunity to be published in Applied Business: Issues & Solutions, a journal dedicated to exploring emerging concepts and insights related to business, FinTech, and educational innovation technologies.

Your involvement in this conference will play a crucial role in advancing the ongoing dialogue concerning the future of education in the AI era.



Whole conference will be organized in English language.

Deadline for registration 15th of May, 2024

We would like to inform that whole conference event will be filmed and photographed.


Registration is open till 15th of May, 2024 via link below:


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