How Studies at Vilnius Business College Help to Develop my Personal Qualities -

How Studies at Vilnius Business College Help to Develop my Personal Qualities

“I am studying in order to gain knowledge and acquire a profession,” – most students answer when asked why are they entering college. What else do students get besides education, new friends and independent life lessons? How does learning, a process that requires willpower, motivation and the ability to concentrate affect every personality? Darius Pečiul, a sophomore in Interactive Media and Technology, shares his insights on how studying at our college has helped him – an introvert – improve his communication skills and open up his other qualities.

Studies are one of the most important decisions in our lives because they reflect one’s personality and lay the foundations for the future profession. Interactive Media and Technologies – that’s the study program that I decided to study at Vilnius Business College and I can confidently say that from the first few lectures I already understood that my choice was right. What I saw is that this college develops professionals who know their field well and allows to reveal every student’s personal qualities.

Here are some of the qualities that I, as a sophomore, have been able to recognize and now am constantly developing.

Critical thinking

This is one of the most important skills that a person can acquire. Critical thinking teaches attention to detail, encourages creativity, logical thinking and practicality. This is what I develop most through programming lectures. When I combine critical thinking with the knowledge I gain during lectures on various elements of design, my creativity expands alongside. I use critical thinking while communicating with people when I am trying to figure out the reasons for their actions.

Problem solving

This is an extremely important trait that will help me a lot in the future. Problems in life are inevitable, so I think that it is important not to get lost, not to panic but to look at the situation calmly and after analyzing the problem to create a problem-solving plan. I remember well one of the first exams in college when after leaving everything right until the last week I experienced a lot of stress and couldn’t wrap my head around how to get out of the situation. I finally turned on the nerd mode and learned everything I had to. Now, if some problem seems big, I break it up into smaller points and get going. Then the problem no longer seems enormous and doesn’t cause me unnecessary stress.


I started studying during an extraordinary period – the well-known COVID-19 pandemic.

The lectures have moved online. Although this made it quite difficult for me to find the motivation and the determination to do anything, it also allowed me to look at learning from a different angle. I have learnt to adapt with limited resources, to make the most out of the situation and to do the tasks assigned as best I can.

Communication skills

I have perfected this skill the most. I came to college as quite as a mouse and I often got ridiculed by my peers while self-help books seemed nonsensical. I remember the words of my psychology teacher that stuck to me the most – “the most important person to you should be yourself”. These words together with the desire to prove the mockers wrong helped me open up and to get out of my comfort zone. I have started communicating more and expressing my opinion out loud, I became more confident and I even took up reading psychology books. All this not only eased work with others but it also opened the door to new acquaintances and new offers. I don’t think communication skills come with time. This is a quality that needs to be developed. A lot of attention is paid to this in college, so I have no doubt that I will learn to communicate absolutely perfectly here.


While studying in college I realized that motivation is not just a momentary thing. This, like any other quality, can be developed. I strengthen my motivation by every time reminding myself the answer to the question of why am I studying. I know I will be much more successful in realizing my dreams if I try. So every day I try to learn something new, to study hard and I’m making new connections as well as new friends. There is excitement in my motivation constantly growing and on days when everything seems hopeless and pointless, it is much easier to get back on track by reminding myself the answers to the questions of why do I do it and why do I need it.

I am very grateful to the college for an exciting study program and for the opportunity to develop the personal qualities that are already contributing to my path to success!



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