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Programming and Internet Technologies

Degree awarded:

Professional Bachelor of Computing

Study field:



180 (ECTS)

Course language:



Full time

3 years

Tuition fee:

Full time

3700 €

In today’s increasingly digital world, programming is swiftly becoming a lingua franca spoken by people regardless of occupation. Self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, social media, robotic surgery, global logistics, and video games. What these topics have in common is the fact of their running on code and being fully reliant on IT. Unsurprisingly, this means that programming and IT proficiency is often a huge competitive advantage on the job market. This all leads to programming being one of the most popular choices in Lithuanian universities for international students.

Speaking of the job market, as the warm embrace of digital technologies envelops one industry after another – opportunities abound. Whether you plan to start your own business, seek employment in a specific field, or simply want to advance in your present career, this programme is designed to give you all the conceptual and practical expertise needed to achieve your goals. Getting your degree from a European business school rather than a specialised IT college will provide you with additional skills valued by employers around the world.

Our guiding light in developing this programme was the aim of fostering all-rounded professionals capable of quickly picking up new skills and taking whatever the job market throws at them in stride. After 3 years of study and practice, our students are able to develop and manage a wide variety of web systems and applications, install different hardware and software, plan and implement IT business strategies, and last but not least – adapt to emerging technologies and the volatile business environment.

To ensure a smooth transition from study to work in a chosen field, we provide our students with regular consultations on internship opportunities, meetings with programme graduates, and representatives of IT companies and other organisations.

These include: BTT Cloud, NOD Baltic, NRD CyberSecurity, Albars, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Information Consultations, 3D idea, Albars, Užupis Creative Cluster, Western Union, and Barclays Technology Center.

This year, the most popular internships included Albars, BTT, Eset Lithuania, and 3D Idea. Most students receive job offers after their internship.

According to the Ranking (Reitingai) magazine, Vilnius Business College / VVK holds second place among other Lithuanian colleges in terms of the quality of their Computer Science bachelor’s programmes. In addition, graduates of the Programming and Internet Technologies study programme secure higher-paid jobs than graduates of other colleges.

Competitive Subjects and Weight Coefficients:


I subject



II subject

Information Technologies or Physics


III subject

Any subject that does not match with other subjects


IV subject

Native language

Required Documents:

  • Secondary education or high school diploma and transcripts (original diploma or notarized copy) accompanied with their translation into English or Russian
  • Proficiency in English (at least B2 according to CEFR standard)
  • Passport or ID card
  • 2 Photos (40×60 mm)
  • Application form
  • Registration fee 200 € - includes all the charges for document legalization needed for Temporary Resident Permit

“I had been looking for something to study for quite a long time, and I realised that I wasn’t going to get away from programming. Because my brothers and I have always been interested in computers, I asked my eldest about Vilnius Business College, where he was already studying. My brother responded positively. And so it happened, that all three brothers were studying programming in the same college and working at the same time. At college, I immediately liked the atmosphere and simplicity of the college while the studies themselves were very interesting.”

Arnoldas Makšeckas, VBC alumn

“I always wanted to learn a lot of programming and I found the possibility here. I really like the lectures, I don’t want them to end. The lecturers give a lot of knowledge, are dedicated, explain things in detail, encourage and help. My area of interest is cyber security. I want to work in this field and maybe to set up a company in the future.”

Andrej Vidinevič, VBC student

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