Studying at the College – Surprising Advantages -

Studying at the College – Surprising Advantages

Where to study: at a college or university? This is one of the most common questions students ask themselves when choosing their studies. People search for the advantages of one over the other, trying to weigh the pros and cons, but the truth is simple – studying at a college and university are quite different in essence. What will you gain by choosing college studies, and how do they generally differ? All the answers are in this text. Take a read!

Practice-Based Studies

College studies are primarily practice-based. Throughout your studies at Vilnius Business College, you’ll have plenty of practical tasks during all lectures, project implementations, and two internships. Often, lecturers are practitioners who have worked or still work in their field, so they know it well, understanding what’s happening in the market, what requirements are set for future employees, and so on.

So, if you’re someone who learns theory better by immediately applying it in practice, college studies are the best choice for you. You’ll have plenty of internships with us!

Better Career Opportunities

Learning through practice is directly related to career opportunities. Many of our college students find jobs during their internships, which they maintain throughout their studies and after receiving their diplomas. Practice-oriented studies mean that disciplines, provided information, and tasks reflect real-life experience in the market. When you learn what’s needed in the market now, your employment opportunities significantly increase.

This is evidenced by our results. According to the publication “Rankings” (2024), Vilnius Business College leads among all Lithuanian colleges in terms of the added value created by alumni and employer evaluations! This rating means that the knowledge and skills acquired during studies meet the needs of employers, and the study programs are practical, reflecting today’s business reality.

Faster Entry into the Job Market

Depending on the chosen study form, studies at our college usually last for 3 years. This means that you can enter the job market faster and climb the career ladder in your desired field.

Specialized Study Programs

The study programs at our college are carefully crafted by closely monitoring market changes and innovations, collaborating with social partners, so they are specific, quickly responding to the needs of the labor market. For example, those interested in programming at Vilnius Business College can choose from 3 study programs, including game development, aimed at the vast and lucrative game developer market. Business-oriented studies are complemented by a new study program – beauty and wellness business (, specifically designed for professionals in this particular field who want to start a business or work in this competitive market.

Extensive Networking

Visits to companies, meetings with business representatives, two internships, various project implementations – these are excellent opportunities to establish useful connections, which later come in handy when starting your own business, job hunting, implementing ideas, and more.

Smaller Groups

Smaller groups are a huge advantage for students, as they receive more individual attention from lecturers during classes. This makes it much easier to learn, consolidate knowledge, fill gaps, receive advice, and more. Studies become of higher quality.

Students studying in smaller groups find it much easier to make friends, get to know each other better, which is an excellent environment for effective networking and establishing lifelong relationships.

Flexible Study Schedule

Vilnius Business College offers the opportunity to study flexibly, where you can choose between study forms (full-time, part-time, distance) and study languages (Lithuanian, English). This provides an opportunity to obtain a higher education diploma in various life circumstances: having a permanent job, raising children, living abroad, wanting to improve Lithuanian / English language skills, and more.

Community Spirit

True community spirit is only possible when you know each other better. Friendly and warm communication accompanies our students from the very first days and is maintained throughout their studies. We know the names of our students, their life situations, so we can help them more, take their needs into account. In a close atmosphere, individual abilities of each student are much easier to naturally unfold, which means interesting studies, sincere communication, and a strong sense of community.

Our students actively participate in the activities of the Vilnius Business College Student Representation (, international scientific symposiums (, scientific conferences (

After completing studies at the college, you can choose to continue your studies at a university and thus gain knowledge and education in a different type of educational institution.


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