Vilnius Business College alumna D. Vilkevičiūtė: looking into oneself gives strength -

Vilnius Business College alumna D. Vilkevičiūtė: looking into oneself gives strength

Is it enough to have a good knowledge base to successfully complete your studies and start working in the field you want? We asked this Dovilė Vilkevičiūtė, an alumna of Vilnius Business College. In a sincere and insightful conversation, Dovilė shared her discoveries that helped her during her studies and accompany her through her professional life, which is full of changes. What has she discovered and what advice does she have for those who are already studying at our college and those who are still looking for their field of study?

Dovilė Vilkevičiūtė is a 26-year-old alumna of Vilnius Business College, who studied tourism and events planning, worked in hospitality field and with Erasmus+ projects, and later in communications department at Vilnius Business College. At the college, she also ran a creative, self-development workshop “How to Create Your Own Reality”, which led to a new change – studying psychology at Reading University.

One of her biggest discoveries was that studying is as much about self-knowledge and lifelong learning as it is about studying your desired field. Dare, act, take responsibility, surround yourself with inspiring people – these are just some of Dovilė’s tips for young people who want to find their own path and fulfil their dreams. If the opportunities offered by education are not in question, self-knowledge still lacks more attention and importance.

So, what advice does a Vilnius Business College alumna have for current and future students of our college?

Step out of your comfort zone

New studies or a new job, a new city or a new country – whatever the changes in your life, it’s better to embrace them with courage and an open heart than to avoid them, and to suffer later or to feel sorry for yourself. “Only change brings constant renewal, a chance to know oneself and test personal boundaries, it gives space to grow. I have experienced this both as a student and in the later stages of my life. Sometimes, when things get tough, I remember the inspirational lyrics of the famous band Coldplay: ‘Under this pressure, under this weight we are diamonds taking shape'”, says Vilkevičiūtė.

Act now

We are often driven to study by our dreams and our goals to achieve something. That’s great, however dreams alone are not enough. The key difference is to start acting now, in this moment. “Tomorrow may not come, you have to dare to take action now, so it’s important to just go, do, experiment. There is no need to worry. Life will definitely take care of you and me,” says Dovilė.

Responsibility for my life is in my own hands

“During my studies, I strongly believed in the illusion of an easy life. It seemed that no matter what I did, everything would be easy. I belong to a generation that, as the neuroscientist Dr U. Neniškytė aptly described, wants to get everything at once,” Dovilė recalls.

The teachers would tell her that how much she took from your studies was her responsibility. That’s when the realisation came that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. “I am responsible for myself. The college gave me the tools – the lectures, the friendships, the seminars – but I have to put it all together. And it doesn’t come all at once. I have to put in the effort, act and stay patient,” her fateful realisation shared an alumna of Vilnius Business College.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people

If you don’t fit in with the people around you, if you are interested in different things, or if your relatives don’t support you, Dovilė advises to look for like-minded people at all costs, because it gives you energy. “You will definitely find people who think like you. A social circle is very stimulating. You will see that you are not alone with your hobbies, attitudes and lifestyle,” advises the Vilnius Business College alumna.

Vilkevičiūtė recalls that she found a lot of support and guidance among the college’s lecturers and administrative staff, both during her studies and later when she worked in the college’s communication department. She remembers: “I was very impressed by the personalities of the lecturers, their self-confidence, even their hobbies. Later, I experienced the wise leadership of Andrejus Račkovskis, the head of the Training Innovation and Business Development Department.

He would give me articles to read, listen to me, encourage me. At college I always got support for my ideas. This is how the self-development workshop “How to Create Your Own Reality”, which I created and delivered to students, came about and was enjoyed by the students at the college.”

The role of the student nurtures

Learning continues for a lifetime – you will often hear this from our college lecturers. Dovilė says that this changed her outlook to change in life. “We can say that it is uncomfortable, difficult, painful, etc., but in reality, it is an experience that grows, enriches and matures us. Without it, we would not be who we are today. It’s just important to stay through these moments”.

If it’s difficult, ask for help

Dovilė recalls that she has experienced different phases in her life, some of which were very challenging. She describes her exceptional personality traits as always looking for solutions and not being afraid to ask for help. She advises others to do the same: “In my search for a way forward, I became interested in psychology, which has become one of the ways for me to know myself and to free myself from my inner inhibitions.

Vilnius Business College has an open space “A.K.I.S”: I come, I talk, I hear, I solve, where every student can come and get psychological help for any question they might have. Study coordinators, heads of departments and lecturers are also available to advise, listen and help with various concerns.


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