Vilnius Business College Welcomes The Thirtieth September With Bright Changes! -

Vilnius Business College Welcomes The Thirtieth September With Bright Changes!

Vilnius Business College welcomes the start of its thirtieth anniversary academic year with an exceptionally large number of students and changes that symbolize a new decade of the college’s life. In 2022, 20% more students enrolled to Vilnius Business College than in the previous year, and most of them chose our college as their first or second priority. The number of international students from various foreign countries is also growing rapidly.

This year, Vilnius Business College welcomes the academic year with the opening of new modern premises in Saltoniškės street. Digital Business study programme, which is highly valued by education experts and in high demand in the business market, is being launched. The college’s community is expanding with new lecturers, and the scientific journal of the Vilnius Business College is strengthening its academic activities.

Amidst these ambitious achievements, friendliness remains a key feature of our College, which was mentioned in the welcoming speeches of both the guests and the Director, Dr Gitana Neverienė, during the two-day celebrations of the beginning of the academic year.

“May this academic year be marked by friendship, which for us is not just a word, but a deep meaning. We add the word ‘colleagues’ to the word ‘friendship’. Let’s become friends and colleagues, let’s create a shared success story! As a college, we generously share our knowledge and best experiences to become an important part of everyone’s success story,” said G. Neverienė in her welcoming speech.

Mindaugas Šukys, an alumnus of Business Management and Marketing, agreed that Vilnius Business College is truly a place of community and wished the first-year students to graduate with their heads held high. And Rūta Guirguis, a second year student in English for International Communication, remembering her excitement-filled 1st of September celebration a year ago, wished the new students courage and many more first times!

Thank you, our new and present students, for being with Vilnius Business College!



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