Why am I studying the Interactive Media and Technology programme? -

Why am I studying the Interactive Media and Technology programme?

How do I know what to study? Some people search for the answer to this question until the last day of admission deadline, others use their feelings, and others find it all clear from the start of school. Augustinas Bulbenko had a feeling of what attracted him, but decided to put his choice into practice. Today, as a second year student, he knows whether this decision was the right one, whether the studies were what he imagined and shares what he will do after graduation. Augustinas story is on the college blog!

Augustinas Bulbenko

At the age of 18, I was scared to make big decisions and decide what to study. I decided to do some work to find out what I liked and what I didn’t. This experience confirmed that I want to study what I was attracted to when I was still at school – creativity using different forms of media and technologies.

I started doing this at the age of 12. At first I was just playing, making jokes to my friends. As time went on, I realised that this could be my activity and career, so I started to take it more seriously. After three years of doing all kinds of work, I realised it was time. Studying interactive media and technology was the obvious choice.

When I was looking for a place to study, I wanted a higher education institution that met a number of essential requirements. Firstly, I wanted to study at a college rather than a university, because colleges offer more practice and the tuition fees are more attractive to me personally.

Secondly, I wanted to study a broad range of media science. It was not enough for me to study only graphic design or only web design. I wanted a complete package, which I found in the Interactive Media and Technology programme at Vilnius Business College. I noticed that here I would learn about all the main types of media, as well as business management, law, communications.

The third reason is the convenience of having the college close to home. I don’t like to be in a hurry and waste time sitting on the bus. Now I can get to college in 7 minutes. Fabulous!

Before I started studying, I had an idea of how things would go. As it often happens, my imagination did not match reality. Everything is better than I thought! The College provides all the necessary tools and support for a student to shine in their studies.

I really like the course of study. I don’t really like to hammer out the theory just to get a test on a paper and forget it. I find practice much more helpful in memorising, so I am very happy that this is the only way we learn.

I have been studying at Vilnius Business College for a year and a half now. I think attitude is very important. I combine my studies with work and sport, so there is little time for laziness. Before I joined, I thought it would be too hard to balance everything, but when I do what I like, it doesn’t matter if I have to work all day – I don’t get tired and I am really proud of myself. That’s important to keep up the pace. So combining study and work has allowed me to learn a lot about myself.

I would like to work in an advertising agency after graduation. I dream of working in the Netherlands, as most of my closest friends live there. I want to work in interactive media and my big goal is to open my own advertising agency. I think that’s where I will use the experience I have gained from working in different companies and understanding how this business really works.



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