Why do Influencers Need a College Degree? -

Why do Influencers Need a College Degree?

With 35k followers on TikTok, 113k followers on Instagram, and ideas brewing every morning on how to implement them on her social media profiles, that’s Omotolani Enwereji’s daily routine. She enjoys it, she earns from it, so why does a rapidly emerging young woman need a college degree? Omotolani Enwereji shares her thoughts on why she chose to study at Vilnius Business College and how she became an influencer.

Photo – personal archive of O. Enwereji

Real-life situations prompted her to become an influencer

Omotolani came to Lithuania from Nigeria. She already had experience in cinema filming, modeling abroad, and for the past few years, she has been focusing mainly on her influencer career. “The idea of taking this activity seriously came from my experience in Dubai. While waiting with other models for an influencer who was supposed to promote our event, I examined her account, saw what exactly she had to do, found out how much she earned from it. After this incident, I realized that I could do it too. I am confident in front of the camera, communicative, so I decided to give it a try,” recalls the student.

Over the years, she has managed to significantly grow her accounts on TikTok and Instagram (@heytolani), learn a lot, discover her favorite activity, and overcome numerous psychological challenges. Constantly keeping up with innovations and immediately applying them, brainstorming new ideas, fostering her creativity – that’s just one aspect of her work. According to Omotolani, the unseen side of the job, resembling office work, involves communicating with clients via email, learning how to present herself, sorting out tax matters, writing scripts for videos, and more.

“I used to avoid calling myself an influencer because I felt like I wasn’t worth it. Over time, that feeling disappeared. Clients have taught me to trust myself more. If they like my accounts and what I do on them, why should I feel bad?” Omotolani opened up.

Social media activity changed the direction of the girl’s career. Once actively seeking to become a model and earn from it, she says that today she no longer considers a modeling career as the top priority. According to the student, “it is still one of the activities I am engaged in, but my priority today is business and influencer work.”

To Lithuania – for knowledge and a diploma

Business studies in English and a college degree – that’s why O. Enwereji ended up in Lithuania and at Vilnius Business College. Having received a recommendation from a friend, she chose the college because of its business management and marketing study program, international environment where she wouldn’t feel out of place, and modern facilities. Moreover, the girl has always been interested in business, and at the moment she also has ideas she is trying to implement, so she decided that studies would help her do that. “I seek knowledge and a college degree. It’s much better than just courses because a degree shows my education. It’s also a prestige because society values a college degree,” explained the girl the reason she decided to study.

Photo – personal archive of O. Enwereji

O. Enwereji: “I earn from negative comments”

It took only half a year of studies for Omotolani to convince herself that her decision was right because the information received in lectures already helps with both the implementation of business ideas and the influencer career. According to the student, the new knowledge in psychology, personal branding, and economics has been very helpful. By applying them, she noticed an increased reach on social media.

As a businesswoman, the student also appreciates the comments she receives. “Negative comments don’t affect me. Someone always wants to respond positively to negative words, defend, express their opinion, so there is always a discussion after a video or text post on social media. Abundant comments popularize my content, which potential clients see, so I can say that I also earn from negative comments,” explained O. Enwereji.

Adapting in Lithuania goes great

When asked how she is adapting to Lithuania, the student is happy with her study friends and the fact that young people in Lithuania speak English, so it is easy to communicate with them. “I am learning the Lithuanian language, sharing my experience on my accounts, how I manage to live in Lithuania, I constantly learn something new, and study what I like. All of this is very interesting, so I am happy with this experience,” says the student of Vilnius Business College.


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